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The glass pane rattling in my window sash

Let zoon-in into the issue of rattling glass pane.

Beyond the distracting noise, it suggests that there may be an issue with your windows that needs attention. One common cause of a rattling window glass pane is loose putty.

When the putty stops sealing the glass pane properly in place, it becomes loose. This movement can be noticeable if the putty issue is left unfixed for a long.

When the wind gusts or you open or close the window sash, a sudden rattling noise might come from the glass pane. You might hear the glass pane rattle.

Besides rattling, the loose putty poses a serious problem to timber frames

If we look at the purpose of window putty, we will see that window putty is designed to seal the gap between the glass and the window frame, keeping the glass securely in place. It also helps to prevent air leaks and minimize noise infiltration.

So, when it breaks or becomes loose, water will directly contact the timber frame and cause more serious and expensive problems, such as rot which is well-known to all.

All issues start small and accelerate exponentially. One issue adds to another, and the compound effect at one point in time can make a sash unrepairable.

How to fix rattling glass panes and loose putty?

Here is the preferable course of action to fix rattling glass panes. It is very similar to how to replace the glass pane, so it should be an easy task for experienced DIYers.

There are some shortcuts if you want to fix the noise, but as we mentioned in this blog article, loose putty is a serious issue that needs to be addressed properly.

  1. Remove the old putty: Use a putty knife to remove the old and loose putty from around the glass pane. Be gentle while doing this so that you don’t break the glass. An engineering knife can also be used here.
  2. Clean the area: Once you’ve removed all the loose putty, clean the area thoroughly and scrape the top layer until you get to the layer of uncompromised timber.
  3. Apply new putty: Roll a small amount of fresh putty into a thin rope-like shape. Press it gently so that it adheres properly.
  4. Smooth the surface: Use a putty knife to smooth out any bumps or unevenness in the new putty layer.
  5. Let it dry: Allow the new putty to dry completely before painting over it or exposing it to weather conditions.
glass pane is rattling