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Sash windows repair Wandsworth

Welcome to the sash windows repair service in Wandsworth, the heart of southwest London’s historic and architecturally-rich district. As sash window specialists, we understand the importance of preserving the unique character of Wandsworth’s period properties. 

We understand that sash windows and French doors are a defining feature of many of the borough’s buildings, including Victorian and Edwardian terraced houses, Georgian townhouses, and even some modern developments. Over time, however, wear and tear can take its toll, leading to drafts, rattling, and heat loss. 

That’s where we come in. 

Our team of experienced and skilled professionals are dedicated to repairing and restoring sash windows throughout Wandsworth, whether replacing damaged cords, repairing broken glass, or restoring frames and sills. We use only the highest quality materials and techniques to ensure that your sash windows look great and are fully functional and energy-efficient. 

So if you’re a Wandsworth resident looking for reliable and affordable sash window repair services, look no further. Get your quote today and see how we can help you restore your home or preserve the unique character of your Wandsworth property.

Sash windows repair Wandsworth
sash windows Draught proofing Wandsworth

Draught proofing Wandsworth

Stop the drafts from your windows and control your thermal efficiency with our draught exclusion systems. 

We install premium brush strips without impacting the original aesthetics of your windows. These brush strips soundproof your windows, decreasing the external sound from the outside. 

The brush strips also reduce thermal heat loss from your home and stop any leaking around your window’s seals.

Window reglazing

Specialised window reglazing that helps stop condensation, mould or dampness. 

Keep the authentic and historic look of your building or home with single-glazed windows which are built to last.

The old glass panels are removed and the new uniquely cut panels are installed with a glazing compound to secure them into place.

Window reglazing Wandsworth
Sash window painting  Wandsworth

Sash window painting Wandsworth

Advanced paint sprays are used for your sash windows to efficiently paint them smoothly and uniformly in a quick fashion. 

Traditional brush painting is also available if you want to keep an old-fashioned-looking paint style to keep the authentic or historic look of your building or home.

Multiple colours are available to match the aesthetic of your home or previous window colour.

Window function repair Wandsworth

Our team fix the sash windows which have seized and the sash cords and weights which have become faulty.

We will identify what is causing your window to seize and act accordingly. 

Remove your sash and ensure that all the hardware is operating correctly. We will then replace any faulty cords, weights or any other hardware which isn’t working correctly.

repair sash cord Wandsworth
rsash window sill replacement Wandsworth

Sash window sill and structure repair

The structural integrity of your sash window must be enough to support its weight. When the window cannot support its own weight, the excess pressure leads to seizing by misaligning or cracking the frame.

We restore and replace rotten timber around your window and window sills with wood hardener or preservative to prevent further decay. 

We also consider reinforcing the frame with extra timber or metal supports so the window has a strong enough structure to stay functional. 

Other exterior wooden features repair services 

We repair and restore other timber features such as Timber-framed conservatories, wooden garage doors, period gateways and façades such as timber claddings and Soffits.

Soffits and gables repair Wandsworth

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