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A warm welcome from all at Surrey Sash Window Specialists!

We are a restoration company specializing in repairing and refurbishing sash windows and other types of wooden windows.

It can be challenging to own and preserve heritage properties in modern times. Still, it is our passion and profession to provide sustainable solutions to these challenges – making your windows a joy to own.

Based in Surrey and extending to the neighbouring counties and London.

Sash windows repair and refurbishment services

Sash windows repair & refurbishment services

Surrey sash offers all types of sash windows services in Surrey and London, including:

  • Sash windows repair and refurbishment
  • Draught-proofing
  • Reglazing and repairing broken glass panes
  • Window sill replacement
  • Rebalancing weights and repairing broken sash cords.
  • Paint spraying wooden windows.



We were lucky to have found the Surrey Sash Windows Specialists. The work they produce, and the way they conduct themselves every step of the way is phenomenal. We very highly recommend them.”


“Thank you, Surrey Sash Window Specialists! Our home and all the windows look amazing!

“The VERY Old Cottage”

“We had some difficult restoration work at a recently acquired property: The Surrey Sash Window Specialists made it look easy. They worked tirelessly, with enthusiasm, absolute expertise and professionalism. A very pleasant bunch who devised an ingenious plan to undertake a project which other companies were unwilling to even quote for.”

Our core sash window services

Sash windows restoration

Replacing rotten timbers; repairing damaged frames and sills.

1. Remove rotten bits of wood.
2. Sand down woodwork
3. Treat affected areas with wood hardener
4. Spliced repair and repairs with flexible wood filler
5. Repair loose putty with flexible resinous fillers
6. Prepare woodwork for painting
7. Spray paint windows

from £550 per window

Windows painting

Windows painting, including full, comprehensive redecorations and the sensitive reinstatement of character details

1. Sand down woodwork.
2. Repair loose putty with flexible resinous fillers.
3. Prepare woodwork for painting.
4. Paint wooden windows

Sash windows draught-proofing

Sash windows draught-proofing – a highly cost-effective resolution for minimising the unwelcome ingress of draughts and external pollutants (e.g. noise and particulates)

1. Prepare frames prior to installing the draught-proofing system.
2. Install a new parting bead.
3. Replace the staff bead.
4. Replace or install a draught-proof strip to the top rail, meeting rail and bottom rail.

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Restore sash window functionality

Restore sash window functionality which can include repairs and maintenance to sash window operations (e.g. rebalancing, sash cord repairs, remedying seized or rattling frames)

French door and wooden conservatory restoration

French door and wooden conservatory restoration

French door repairs and conservatory restoration, repairing gables, wooden conservatories, soffits and timber cladding.

High-quality craftsmanship & sustainability

At Surrey Sash, we strive to act responsibly, ensuring a wider benefit than mere customer satisfaction. In our resource-intensive modern society, many manufacturing and industrial processes damage the environment.

To build sustainability into every restoration project, we:

  1. Enhance and extend the life of your property’s existing features, reducing waste and resource overuse.
  2. Improve living conditions in a way which simultaneously reduces energy demands.

Our experienced team of craftsmen use only the best quality glass, timber and resins to restore vintage windows, giving them a beautiful new look in an instant!

Surrey Sash windows restoration

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What are some of the benefits of a Surrey Sash restoration?

  • Prolong the life of existing windows: preserve authentic characteristics and support sustainable approaches.
  • Enhance the aesthetics of your property – our redecoration services provide an incredibly smooth and highly durable finish to your newly restored windows.
  • Preserve historical and architectural design – we achieve exceptional results and comply with important regulatory criteria.
  • Enjoy the rewards of modern advances in materials, technologies and methods.
  • Experience the fantastic improvements to living conditions – e.g. cosy thermal efficiency gains and the associated cost benefits.
benefits of a Surrey Sash restoration

The services listed on our website are a small sample of our expertise. Our skills are transferable, and we pride ourselves on being craftsmen of high-end restoration solutions. Whatever your project entails, we will be happy to provide you with advice, quotations and effective service.

We cover Surrey and Berkshire regions and neighbouring counties. For full details, see our service areas.

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