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Sash window repair Reading

Surrey Sash Window Specialists provide homeowners and property managers of Reading with premium wooden window restoration solutions.

We are proud to cover the wider Berkshire and Surrey counties. We also welcome enquiries from further afield – we strive to be as accommodating as possible in the delivery of our premium renovation and property enhancement services…

Your windows: our passion.

Wooden window restoration is the optimum, most cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of improving your property.

Too often, damage and severe rot are mistaken as a sign that original windows have reached the end of their service: incorrectly prompting their removal and replacement.

In over 90% of these instances, successful restorations are possible and offer higher-quality outcomes.

Sash window repair Reading

Benefits of wooden windows restoration

The preservation of original, authentic materials
The continuation of the historical legacy
Enhanced aesthetics which are faithful to the property’s architectural characteristics
Restoring a window is cheaper overall than replacement
Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Customers and properties we work with are unlimited: if the property has timber windows, whether historical or contemporary, we have the expertise to provide exceptional solutions.

We are highly competent and experienced in a range of settings, from large commercial projects to smaller restorations at private homes. Just some examples include:

Surrey Sash ensures that your window restoration is completed efficiently, carefully and with an uncompromisingly high standard: positioning us at the forefront in our craft.

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Sash windows repair
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Issues that we can help you deal with

Partially decayed wooden windows frame

Loose or Missing putty

Rotten bottom rail of Sash window

Flaking, cracked paint on all parts of window frame

Decayed window sills

Cracked or missing glass pane in Sash windows

Cost-effective alternative to full windows replacement

Restoring your windows is worth considering as it is cheaper than replacement (Full window replacement starts from £1700-£2800 per window while full sash windows restoration starts from £420 per window + VAT) and can often prove as efficient as a replacement (We give 6-8 years guarantee on paintwork and repairs that we do).

Sash windows services in Reading

The restoration services we offer are defined by the services which our customers need. We pride ourselves on providing unique solutions to unique projects, properties and proprietors. At the least, our most frequently called-upon services include:

Structural Sash windows restoration works,

All repairs were undertaken and expertly completed, including rot, structural weakness/ failings and other damage

Sash windows external redecoration,

Full, high-end redecorations. An advanced paint spray method allows our decorators to apply multiple layers of quality, durable and perfectly colour-matched paints. Our method is precise, efficient and leaves exceptionally smooth and impactful finishes.


Installing our discreet, high-quality draught exclusion strips is an incredibly cost-effective solution to resolve draught issues and enhance internal spaces. External noise reductions, increased comfort and enhanced window functioning make our draught-proof service a great addition to any restoration project.

Functional restoration works,

Our comprehensive servicing and maintenance services resolve all aspects such as failing sash pulleys and seized or insecure windows.

Exterior woodwork restoration,

replacing/ repairing gables, wooden conservatories, soffits and timber cladding.

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