Wooden French door repairs and restoration

We are a professional company specialising in the repair of French doors, Patio doors and wooden box sash windows. Leveraging our years of experience to deliver quality doors and sash windows repair services in Surrey, neighbouring counties, and London.

We work with residential and commercial properties, including Grade 2 listed properties. We can help you preserve your property’s heritage by restoring the original timber doors and windows to their past appearance. 

Timber French doors are a classy and elegant addition to any building. However, over time they can be damaged due to wear and tear or impact damage. This detracts from the architecture as a whole and can also cause structural issues in some cases with older buildings.

Surrey Sash offers all types of French door repairs, including frame repairs, locking mechanism repairs, loose handles and broken locks repairs and hinges replacements. 

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Our French door repair services include:

Repair Rotten French door

Your doors may be rotting in some places, harming the overall aesthetic and causing structural issues.

Surrey Sash team can repair rotten French door frames and bring your doors to their former glory.

Whilst you may think doors are too rotten to be replaced, in many cases, our team can prove that even very rotten doors can be restored. Furthermore, our team specializes in restoring old and damaged doors to their former glory, using the best materials and techniques.

The ability to do this comes from years of experience repairing traditional box sash windows and period doors.

Repair Rotten French doors
French doors draught-proofing

Wooden French Doors Draught-proofing

We can install high-quality draught-proofing seals into existing door frames. This will improve their efficiency at retaining heat.

Doing this will mean your property needs to burn less fuel, which will cut your energy bills.

Having this work done on all your doors can be a big difference to overall energy efficiency.

Average gas bills in Surrey have increased by 80% this past year, so cutting costs through draught-proofing is more important than ever. 

Removing old layers of paint and re-painting doors

Breathe new life into your doors with professional restoration and painting services.

Where there is no need to repair the rotten frames or replace the glass units, painting your doors is a cheap and easy way to improve the appearance of doors. In addition, a fresh coat of paint can also provide an extra layer of protection against weather and wear.

To prevent rot and protect your wooden doors, regular painting and decoration are necessary maintenance tasks.

French doors repair and painting

Our specialists have the necessary knowledge and expertise to repair all types of French doors and period front doors. Whilst it often may appear that rotten doors are beyond repair, our years of experience means we can still restore them to their original state.

We offer top-quality repairs at competitive prices in Surrey and the surrounding areas, and previous clients can attest to this.

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