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Sash Window Repair Woking

Surrey Sash Window Specialists undertake professional restoration work on traditional timber-framed windows.

Our experienced team are passionate about repairing, maintaining and enhancing the quality of original windows.

At Surrey Sash, we elevate the living conditions of each property to the highest standard. We apply modern innovations whilst using and respecting traditional craft.

In over 90% of cases, restoring your heritage wooden windows is the best, most cost-effective and sustainable way to return existing windows to their best and beyond.


  • Terry

    We were lucky to have found the Surrey Sash Windows Specialists. The work they produce, and the way they conduct themselves every step of the way is phenomenal. We very highly recommend them.”

  • “The VERY Old Cottage”

    “We had some difficult restoration work at a recently acquired property: The Surrey Sash Window Specialists made it look easy. They worked tirelessly, with enthusiasm, absolute expertise and professionalism. A very pleasant bunch who devised an ingenious plan to undertake a project which other companies were unwilling to even quote for.”

  • Susie

    “Thank you, Surrey Sash Window Specialists! Our home and all the windows look amazing!

sash window before restoration
repaired and re-decorated sash window

We provide solutions to all problems associated with timber windows, such as:

Partially decayed wooden windows frame

Loose or Missing putty

Rotten bottom rail of Sash window

Flaking, cracked paint on all parts of window frame

Decayed window sills

Cracked or missing glass pane in Sash windows

Cost-effective alternative to full windows replacement

Restoring your windows is worth considering as it is cheaper than replacement (Full window replacement starts from £1700-£2800 per window while full sash windows restoration starts from £420 per windows + VAT) and can often prove as efficient as a replacement (We give 10 years guarantee on paintwork and repairs that we do).

The core services of Surrey Sash include:

The restoration services we offer are defined by the services which our customers need. We pride ourselves on providing unique solutions to unique projects, properties and proprietors. At the least, our most frequently called-upon services include:

Structural Sash windows restoration works,

We replace rotten timbers and repair damaged frames and sills. We apply a range of methods to this work, depending on the type of damage and window.

Sash windows external redecoration,

Reclaiming your property’s aesthetic splendour. Surrey Sash works with the authentic charm and original design of your home or building. Our decoration service includes thorough preparation and we use an advanced paint-spray method to achieve smooth, long-lasting and beautiful finishes.


We discreetly fit draught exclusion systems to existing windows. This highly cost-effective method adds thermal efficiency and minimises the unwelcome ingress of draughts, external noise and particulate matter. We install premium brush strips without impacting on important original aesthetics. They are long-lasting and also enhance the smooth operation and quiet closure of windows.

Functional restoration works,

We repair and maintain all types of window to ensure they operate effectively and safely. As specialists in sash windows, we will ensure your sashes are all well balanced and running smoothly. We cover repairs such as sash-cord replacements and rebalancing weights. Seized windows are released and made secure, and draughts and rattles are resolved.

Exterior woodwork restoration,

replacing/ repairing gables, wooden conservatories, soffits and timber cladding.

In addition to the Surrey Sash premium window services, we can also transfer our skills to the repair and rejuvenation of other timber features. We often restore timber-framed conservatories, wooden garage doors and period gateways, and façades such as timber cladding and soffits.

The Surrey Sash approach endeavours to surpass even the original high standard of your windows. We do this through building upon years of traditional knowledge and skilful techniques, plus a passion for excellence: aligning with which aligns with modern living conditions and exceeding customer expectations.

Video portfolio

Sash Window Repairs/ Restoration Example

Below are examples of sash window repairs. Before and after restoration.

Casement windows restoration/sill replacement.
Curved sash windows restoration

Old grade 2 listed cottage windows restoration

Surrey Sash attitude is to always try and retain as much of the original, good quality timber as possible.

Our sash windows restoration projects

Projects gallery

Our renovation processes extend the lifespan of existing materials and add renewed strength to your windows. This is due to the premium methods and materials. Not only does this emphasise the authentic character of your property, but it also positions sustainability as a firm foundation.

By effectively repairing your property’s existing features, and carefully selecting appropriate additional materials which we source, professional window restorations can greatly reduce unnecessary negative impacts to our environment.

Whatever the needs of your property’s windows and traditional timber features, we believe that the knowledge and professional expertise of Surrey Sash Window Specialists can deliver the solutions.

We are proud of the restorer’s tradition and understand that each building has its own story and charm. In the same way, every family, homeowner and proprietor each have their own projects which they hope to see realised. If you wish to learn more about any of our services and discuss how we can achieve your own restoration goals, then contact one of our friendly staff.

For more information, please browse our web pages. To discuss and arrange your restoration project in the Woking area, contact our dedicated team.

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