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Sash Window Repair Newbury

Wooden window repair Reading. Sash and casement wooden windows restoration.

Surrey Sash Window Specialists: providing sustainable, authentic quality restoration solutions. We professionally repair and upgrade traditional timber windows for our customers in Newbury and the surrounding areas.

With decades of experience and a passion for preserving the architectural heritage of all properties, Surrey Sash creates bespoke project plans to suit wide-ranging requirements.

Our clientele range from private homeowners through to commercial proprietors and managers of buildings – historic and contemporary.

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Services include:

Surrey Sash Window Specialists in Newbury and beyond: providing outstanding window restorations and professionally enhancing living conditions

Surrey Sash regularly operates within Newbury and across Berkshire and Surrey. We provide complete project solutions to every project and are passionate about preserving the legacy of heritage features and our craft as modern restorers.

Working with the original design and architectural details of the property, we ensure that the results you receive from Surrey Sash are carefully aligned with the building. We deliver a finish which emphasises natural quality.  

What are some of the benefits to be gained from professional restorations and property improvements?

sash window before restoration
repaired and re-decorated sash window

Issues that we can help you deal with

Partially decayed wooden windows frame

Loose or Missing putty

Rotten bottom rail of Sash window

Flaking, cracked paint on all parts of window frame

Decayed window sills

Cracked or missing glass pane in Sash windows

The core services of Surrey Sash include:

Structural Sash windows restoration works,

All repairs undertaken and expertly completed, including rot, structural weakness/ failings and other damage

Sash windows external redecoration,

Full, high-end redecorations. An advanced paint spray method allows our decorators to apply multiple layers of quality, durable and perfectly colour-matched paints. Our method is precise, efficient and leaves exceptionally smooth and impactful finishes.


Installing our discreet, high quality draught exclusion strips is an incredibly cost-effective solution to resolve draught issues and enhance internal spaces. External noise reductions, increased comfort and enhanced window functioning makes our draught-proof service a great addition to any restoration project.

Functional restoration works,

Our comprehensive servicing and maintenance services resolve all aspects such as failing sash pulleys, seized or insecure windows.

Exterior woodwork restoration,

We are restoring gables, soffits, wooden conservatories, and timber cladding.

Sash Window Repairs/ Restoration Example

Below are examples of sash window repairs. Before and after restoration.

Casement windows restoration/sill replacement.
Curved sash windows restoration

Old grade 2 listed cottage windows restoration

At Surrey Sash, we place particular importance on the quality and sustainability of the products which we use. We research the leading suppliers and manufacturers of high-end restoration resources, and continuously develop our methods and processes to effectively integrate the best quality products into our restorative work

Our sash windows restoration projects

Projects gallery

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To discuss your property’s feature windows, arrange for an assessment and have your bespoke restoration project designed and realised, then contact our friendly staff. We look forward to meeting you.

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