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Sash windows repair Kensington

Bring your sash windows back to their former glory

Your elegant home deserves the best.  Restoring your sash windows will return your period property to its former glory. 

Surrey Sash Window Specialists are a restoration company which uses only the best materials and fully trained tradespeople with many years of experience in restoration contracts such as replacing sash cords, jammed frames, balance weight, water ingress and draught-proofing.

We specialise in refurbishing wooden sash windows and restoring many other types of wooden windows, window painting and draught exclusion.  

Sash windows repair Kensington

Services we provide


Are your sash windows past their best?  Rotting away due to age and environmental factors?  We are well versed in the replacement of:


Are your windows looking a bit shabby?

Before any window painting is undertaken, we will inspect the windows and address all timber issues first.  To ensure a luxurious and long-lasting finish.


Do you have cold, draughty rooms with windows that rattle?

Draught proofing can be a very cost-effective solution for your sash windows or French doors. It does not have to impact the traditional look and character of your windows.  It can be an incredibly efficient way to draught-proof your home.

We use the highest quality draught exclusion strips, which can last a lifetime. 


Struggling to open your windows? Not getting enough fresh air into your house?

By restoring the functionality of your windows, you can ensure the correct ventilation is getting into you home and improving safety.

We can replace balance weights and sash cords with ease.


Does your wooden French doors or conservatory need some TLC?

Timber frames can be rotten and cause structural problems for your property.  Regular maintenance is needed to keep on top of these issues.  Surrey Sash Window Specialists are here to help with any repairs and maintenance needed. 

Whatever your project entails, we can help!

Local to the area

As a London-based company, we provide expert sash window restoration in Kensington and surrounding areas.

We have vast experience working in the Kensington area on many listed properties built within the Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian eras.   Having worked on many luxurious properties, our high standard of craftsmanship is always provided. 

How we work

From our customer support team to our tradespeople, we offer a high-quality service.  Our team will treat you and your home with the utmost respect.

By choosing us, you will receive the highest standard of work on your property.


Being an eco-friendly company, we act responsibly in all areas of our business, including the sustainability of our materials, including responsibly sourced timber.

By restoring your windows, we are reducing waste and reusing existing materials.   

Benefits of restoration

As energy costs rise, restoration of your windows could really make a difference to your bank balance.  By restoring your sash windows, you can reduce draughts and keep your home warm and energy efficient.    Restored windows will also reduce external noises on busy streets. 

Restoration of your sash windows can also be up to 70% more cost-effective than replacement!

Talk to us

We can provide advice and guidance on any issues you are experiencing with your sash windows. 

We will always work to maintain the traditional period look of your home.  

Contact our team at Surrey Sash Window Specialists for a no-obligation chat about your needs and a free quote.

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