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Window painting services in Surrey & London

Our window painting service in Surrey and London is truly second to none. We offer wooden window painting services that are designed to last for years.

Surrey Sash joiners and painters have extensive experience with wooden window painting and repairs. They understand the need to work quickly and efficiently while still delivering excellent results.

Window painting

Repair frames before painting

It is important not only to add a new coat of paint but also address all timber frame issues.

Getting a great paint finish on wooden windows and doors starts with proper restoration and preparation.

The amount of prep and repair work required depends on the condition of the existing windows – whether they are in good shape or have some rot and decay.

Why it is important to regularly paint wooden windows

Wooden windows add a beautiful and timeless aesthetic to any home, but without regular painting, they’re vulnerable to cracking, warping and fading.

Painting wooden windows regularly help not only maintains their look but also makes them much more durable and resistant to the elements. It’s also important for preserving the underlying wood, which can become engrained with dirt, rain and sun damage over time.

Our approach to window painting

  1. We sand and remove old paint from the wooden frames.
  2. After the paint removal, all the issues with timber reveal themselves.
  3. Our team repair all the rotten bits of wooden frames with wood filler, flexible resin or spliced repair frames, all depending on the level of the damage.
  4. Before painting windows, we must take steps to protect the surrounding area. This includes applying masking tape and paper to cover any brickwork and avoid overspray. In most cases, an airless paint sprayer is used to paint the windows as it offers the smoothest possible finish.
  5. We start by using a paint sprayer to paint the window exterior. We then open the windows and use a brush or roller to coat any hard-to-reach areas, ensuring that every surface is properly covered.
Window painting services