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Sash window repairs Berkshire

Our mission is to preserve and enhance the legacy of wooden windows. Proudly working throughout Berkshire and Surrey, we are a passionate, professional and experienced team. We understand that with correct care and attention, heritage windows can be a significant feature of a home – a source of pride and a joy to live with.

Surrey Sash is highly competent in all timber restorations, including casement, sash, bay and dormer windows, as well as timber doors, conservatories and other features such as cladding. We work with all types of buildings and stylistic periods, from Edwardian to contemporary, Grade II Listed, Victorian estates, private homes and commercial office complexes. For all projects, we create bespoke plans and solutions to deliver the perfect results for you and your property.

Sash windows repair
repaired and re-decorated sash window

Sash windows repair service in Berkshire

Structural Sash windows restoration works

Such as replacing rotten timbers, repairing damaged frames and sills;

Sash window’s external redecoration

Including full, comprehensive redecorations and the sensitive reinstatement of character details


Draught-proofing is a highly cost-effective resolution for minimising the unwelcome ingress of draughts and external pollutants (e.g. noise and particulates)

Functional restoration works,

which can include repairs and maintenance to sash window operations (e.g. rebalancing, sash cord repairs, remedying seized or rattling frames)

Exterior woodwork restoration,

replacing/ repairing gables, wooden conservatories, soffits and timber cladding.

The Professional Sash Window Restorers

Restoration work is the conscientious continuation of traditional skills; the preservation of legacies; and the creation of new chapters for people, properties and places.

As dedicated restorers, we need to understand the processes and contexts which created hand-crafted timber windows in the first instance.

Furthermore, the work of the exceptional modern restorer extends beyond knowing how to skillfully use the tools of the trade: the exceptional restorer’s job is to re-tell the story of a property’s original features in new yet authentic ways.

At Surrey Sash, we acknowledge the original architects, engineers, carpenters and painters who gave life to the windows. Our services extend that life and enhance the quality of life for our customers: the proprietors and stewards of original timber windows. Combining timeless methods with modern resources and knowledge allows us to bring our beloved timber windows with us into the modern age with all of today’s benefits and contemporary comforts.

Partially decayed wooden windows frame

Loose or Missing putty

Rotten bottom rail of Sash window

Flaking, cracked paint on all parts of window frame

Decayed window sills

Cracked or missing glass pane in Sash windows

Functional window restorations Berkshire:

Our functional work includes all aspects of repair and maintenance to the ‘mechanics’ of your windows. This ranges from minor servicing to extensive overhauls.

We are sash window specialists and have a wealth of experience in repairing failing pulleys, releasing stuck windows, making vulnerable windows secure, rebalancing sash weights and replacing insufficient ironmongery/ window furniture.

We apply our knowledge to ensure that your sashes run smoothly, and quietly and are comfortable and satisfying to use. For all other types of windows, we ensure the same – smooth, safe, satisfying functionality.

Structural window restorations:

Our diverse team and their wide-ranging skills ensure all repairs are efficiently and expertly resolved.

Common structural repairs include the replacement of rotten timbers and repairing or replacing degraded sills, damaged beading and warped/ weakened frames. Structural repairs can include other timber features such as doors, conservatories and orangeries, timber cladding and gables, soffits, barns and garages.

In most cases, when called to repair rot, it requires a variety of techniques and methods, depending on the window, timber, degree of rot, etc… Minor, early-stage rot can often be repaired with our hardeners and fillers.

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Sash window draught-proofing Berkshire:

Our sash window draught-proofing service fits an extra degree of comfort without impacting your property’s authentic quality and appearance.

This is a highly cost-effective service which can provide huge reductions to the ingress of unwelcome draughts, external pollutants and noise.

We integrate premium draught-excluding brushes around the key areas of your windows. These are fitted discreetly and make internal spaces more comfortable; our draught-proofing supports the smooth and quiet functioning of windows.

Draught-proofing can provide a fantastic return on investment, bringing annual savings on heating/ cooling costs – with associated environmental advantages.

Cost-effective alternative to full windows replacement

Restoring your windows is worth considering as it is cheaper than replacement (Full window replacement starts from £1700-£2800 per window while full sash windows restoration starts from £420 per window + VAT) and can often prove as efficient as a replacement (We give 6-10 years guarantee on paintwork and repairs that we do).

Sash windows repairs in Grade 2 listed buildings

Restoration rather than replacement is a better option for Grade 2 listed buildings as restoration, in most cases, do not require permission from a conservation officer.

Aesthetic restorations

The Surrey Sash team are highly skilled in complete redecoration. We comprehensively attend to every detail required to provide premium, affordable, beautiful and highly durable finishes to your property’s timber windows. We are often requested to decorate external cladding, and other timber features too, which we are always happy to accommodate.

Old, flaking and weathered paintwork is stripped back, all timber is repaired, prepared and important features are skilfully redefined.

We use an innovative paint-spray technique which overcomes problems associated with traditional brush and roller methods, such as uneven application, slow drying times and unappealing brush marks. Our finishes are built up in multiple layers, applied evenly and precisely, and give an ultra-smooth, high-class finish.

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