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Sash window repairs in London

If you are looking for sash window repairs in London, welcome to Surrey Sash Window Specialist! We offer a range of services that’ll get your windows into ship shape. With decades of experience in the South and West London areas, we’re trusted by locals to restore sash windows to their original standard.

Sash windows have been a staple of London’s architecture for centuries now, but wear, and tear can leave them looking dilapidated.

Issues that we can help you deal with

Partially decayed wooden windows frame

Loose or Missing putty

Rotten bottom rail of Sash window

Flaking, cracked paint on all parts of window frame

Decayed window sills

Cracked or missing glass pane in Sash windows


Sash windows refurbishment service in West and South West London

Our team can fully refurbish all types of original wooden windows, including sash and casement windows, as well as original French and Patio doors.

We are trusted across West and South West London, from Ealing to Putney and Chiswick to Wandsworth.

Whatever your sash window needs, we’ve got you covered across these regions of London.

If you’ve got sash windows and live in the area and want to make sure they’re in tip-top shape, get in touch today and see how we can help.

Sash windows refurbishment service

Our sash windows services in London and how we can help

Our ability to restore sash windows comes from years of expertise. Leveraging this expertise means we can help you with a range of problems. Some services include:


  • Remove and replace rotten timber in the window
  • Sand down woodwork to better-fit window
  • Spliced repair with flexible wood filler
  • Repair loose putty with flexible resinous filters
  • Prepare woodwork for painting, and paint woodwork


  • Sand down existing woodwork
  • Repair loose putty with resinous filters
  • Prepare and paint sash windows

 But we can help with more than this. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss anything relating to your sash windows. 

sash windows services in London
Sash windows draught-proofing in London

Sash windows draught-proofing in London 

Our specialists can install expert draught-proofing in the London area, which comes with a range of benefits.

You’ll save money on your energy bills, as less heat will escape your property. That’ll keep it warmer for longer.

Given that average gas prices in London rose by 130% from 2022-2023 in London, that’s something we could all do with! You’ll also be cutting your CO2 emissions, which is good for the planet. 

Rotten window sills replacement and frame repairs

We offer a range of sash solutions and sash window repairs. We can replace specific parts of the window, such as the window sill, if this has become rotten. Where refurbishment is not possible in these cases, we can instead replace that part of the unit. Sash windows need servicing from time to time, and this may entail replacing worn parts of them. 

Listed building windows restoration

Our specialists are qualified to restore sash windows on Grade II listed properties of cultural importance. Restoring these requires a high degree of skill, but is essential to keeping London’s architectural heritage intact. We work on a range of different building types, including: 

Double-glazed sash-only replacements 

We also offer double-glazed sash-only window replacements. In this case, we will retain the existing box frame but replace the window panes only. This would usually be done in cases where an upgrade from single-glazing to double-glazing is being done on the unit. 

Wooden windows, doors, soffits and gables painting and exterior house decoration 

As well as structural repairs, we offer painting services and exterior house decoration. This is a great way to liven up your property even if no restoration work is required. Our specialists have trained for years to become experts at this sort of decorating. Get in touch to see what we can do for you. 

Double-glazed sash-only replacements London

Improve the security of traditional timber sash windows

Alongside having financial and aesthetic benefits, restoring your sash windows can also add a layer of security to your London home. Rotting timber in sash windows and general wear and tear can leave them structurally vulnerable.

This means they can be more easily broken into via impact, making the property more open to breaking and entry. By restoring the rotting timber in the frame, this risk is lessened. Our experts will fortify the existing timber as much as possible, replacing only what is necessary for the window’s structural integrity. 


What are the benefits of sash windows restoration and draught-proofing?

There are plenty of benefits to restoring your sash windows. It’ll add value to your house and help retain the architecture’s heritage. Moreover, draught-proofing and double-glazing your windows will reduce heat loss and actually save you money on your bills.

Are traditional sash windows were made during the Georgian or Victorian eras?

The oldest remaining examples of sash windows in the UK date all the way back to the 1670s, a notable example being at Ham House. This actually puts the earliest examples in the Stuart period, but they became more widespread during the Georgian and Victorian eras, and they remain prominent to this day. 

Do sash windows add value to the period property?

Absolutely! Sash windows are a timeless style, which adds elegance to the property they’re part of. Any estate agent would agree with this. Double-glazed sash windows also reduce the energy costs of a building, which also adds to its value. 

Which London postcodes do you cover? 

We primarily operate in South-West London, Surrey and Berkshire. You can check our service area here.

Is it better to replace or refurbish sash windows? 

This depends on the state of the windows. Refurbishing windows is the cheaper option, averaging around £700, whilst replacing the window starts from £1,700.

Financially, this means it’s better to refurbish where possible.

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