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Sash Windows Repair Surrey

Surrey Sash team are specialists in sash window repairs and restoration and draught-proofing of traditional sash windows and doors throughout Surrey and neighbouring regions.

Striving to help clients retain these original, beautiful features of their Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian homes, we use high-quality, specialist materials whilst applying traditional methods.

Our carpenters are passionate about keeping traditional windows in traditional houses whilst eliminating their draughts and rattles and therefore bringing them up to date with modern-day living standards.

Preserving windows in Surrey Heritage buildings

Our team is working on renovating wooden windows in buildings built during the past few hundred years, including windows in Grade 2 listed properties.

We are proud to serve the local community in preserving our heritage and history.

When Surrey houses were built
When Surrey houses were built (Statistics %)
sash window before restoration
repaired and re-decorated the sash window

Issues that we can help you deal with

Partially decayed wooden windows frame

Loose or Missing putty

Rotten bottom rail of Sash window

Flaking, cracked paint on all parts of window frame

Decayed window sills

Cracked or missing glass pane in Sash windows

Sash windows repairs and restoration services:

Sash windows repairs and restoration can very often be carried out rather than having to replace the window.


  • Terry

    We were lucky to have found the Surrey Sash Windows Specialists. The work they produce, and the way they conduct themselves every step of the way is phenomenal. We very highly recommend them.”

  • “The VERY Old Cottage”

    “We had some difficult restoration work at a recently acquired property: The Surrey Sash Window Specialists made it look easy. They worked tirelessly, with enthusiasm, absolute expertise and professionalism. A very pleasant bunch who devised an ingenious plan to undertake a project which other companies were unwilling to even quote for.”

  • Susie

    “Thank you, Surrey Sash Window Specialists! Our home and all the windows look amazing!

Sash windows repair services in Surrey

Structural Sash windows restoration works

such as replacing rotten timbers; repairing damaged frames and sills;

Sash window’s external redecoration

including full, comprehensive redecorations and the sensitive reinstatement of character details


a highly cost-effective resolution for minimising the unwelcome ingress of draughts and external pollutants (e.g. noise and particulates)

Functional restoration works,

which can include repairs and maintenance to sash window operations (e.g. rebalancing, sash cord repairs, remedying seized or rattling frames)

Exterior woodwork restoration,

replacing/ repairing gables, wooden conservatories, soffits and timber cladding.

Cost-effective alternative to full windows replacement

Restoring your windows is worth considering as it is cheaper than replacement (Full window replacement starts from £1700-£2800 per window while full sash windows restoration starts from £420 per window + VAT) and can often prove as efficient as a replacement (We give 6-8 years guarantee on paintwork and repairs that we do).

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Sash windows repairs in Grade 2 listed buildings

Restoration rather than replacement is a better option for Grade 2 listed buildings as restoration, in most cases, does not require permission from a conservation officer.

Older wooden windows were built to last

Many of the old Victorian and Georgian sashes were made using far superior quality timber than the timber used in modern-day joinery so we encourage our customers to bear this in mind when considering sash window repairs vs replacement.

These core services form the basis of our wide-ranging capabilities and renovation solutions, which we proudly offer. The skills required to perform this core work to our high standards are transferable to many other areas.

If you require a restoration service but cannot find it here on our website, please contact us – it may very well be something we can offer.

Wooden windows restoration expertise we bring:

To our professional services, we bring a wealth of experience, and just as importantly, we bring passion, enthusiasm and love for what we do.

Our team recognise themselves as both masters of their craft and students: we have extensive knowledge yet are always looking to develop techniques and learn new skills which enable us to stay at the leading edge in our trade.

As various industries advance in response to ongoing customer demand for quality, it is our job to satisfy and exceed the customers’ expectations.

In practical terms, the Surrey Sash team are competent and proficient in all window restorations.

This includes casement windows, sash windows, bays and dormers; windows from all eras (historical or contemporary, Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian); and all styles (from baroque to brutalist, ornate and architecturally unique).

Whatever your style, however big the restoration task may seem, we can provide the perfect service.


How much does it cost to repair a sash window?

It depends on the work required. On average, functional restoration such as unblocking sash and cord repair will cost you around £260 or £320 with draught-proofing.

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