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Sash window repair Putney

Welcome to our sash window repair service in Putney, southwest London. 

We understand that sash windows are a common feature of many of the area’s beautiful properties, from the grand Georgian and Victorian townhouses to the charming Edwardian terraces. However, these period windows or French doors can deteriorate over time and become less efficient, leading to draughts, rattling, and heat loss. 

Our team of skilled professionals have extensive experience in repairing and restoring sash windows in the Putney area. Using the latest techniques and highest-quality materials to ensure that your windows not only look great but also function properly. Whether you need new cords, replacement glass, or a full refurbishment. We have the expertise to get the job done right. 

We understand the importance of preserving the historic charm and architectural features of Putney’s properties. And we are committed to providing reliable and cost-effective sash window repair services to our clients in the area. 

So if you’re a Putney resident looking for reliable and affordable sash window repair services, look no further. Get your quote today and see how we can help you restore your home or preserve the unique character of your Putney property.

Sash windows repair Putney

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Sash windows draught-proofing Putney

Sash windows draught-proofing Putney

Stop the drafts from your windows and control your thermal efficiency with our draught exclusion systems. 

We install premium brush strips without impacting the original aesthetics of your windows. These brush strips soundproof your windows, decreasing the external sound from the outside. 

The brush strips also reduce thermal heat loss from your home and stop any leaking around your window’s seals.

Window reglazing

Specialised window reglazing that helps stop condensation, mould or dampness. 

Keep the authentic and historic look of your building or home with single-glazed windows which are built to last.

The old glass panels are removed, and the new uniquely cut panels are installed with a glazing compound to secure them into place.

sash windows double glazing Putney
Sash window painting Putney

Sash window painting Putney

Advanced paint sprays are used for your sash windows to efficiently paint them smoothly and uniformly in a quick fashion. 

Traditional brush painting is also available if you want to keep an old-fashioned-looking paint style to keep the authentic or historic look of your building or home.

Multiple colours are available to match the aesthetic of your home or previous window colour.

Window function repair 

We specialize in the repair of sash windows which have become stuck and sash cords and weights which are no longer functioning correctly.

First, we’ll assess what is causing your window to seize and take the appropriate steps to fix it. We will also remove your sash and check that all hardware is working effectively. If any cords, weights or other parts are malfunctioning, we’ll replace them right away.

repair sash cord Putney



A huge shoutout to Ian, who completed the repairs and to Nick for the painting. I would be more than happy to use this company again!


Mike and Jessica

The Surrey Sash team did an amazing job of repairing my sash and case windows. They paid close attention to detail, displayed great knowledge, and were very tidy both during and after the work. The same can be said for the painters. I would highly recommend them. 

West London

Victoria & Simon

I am extremely pleased with the service that I received from Surrey Sash. The team did a superb job of repairing my windows and installing double glazed sash inserts. I was very anxious before starting such a large project, but they were incredibly professional throughout and kept me informed every step of the way. The sashes installation was finished to an outstanding quality – it is clear that they take immense pride in their work! I’m looking forward to seeing the final result when the crew come back to finish off the painting and decoration.


Sash window sill and structure repair

The structural integrity of your sash window must be enough to support its weight. When the window cannot support its own weight, the excess pressure leads to seizing, by misaligning or cracking the frame.

We restore and replace rotten timber around your window and window sills with wood hardener or preservative to prevent further decay. 

We also consider reinforcing the frame with extra timber or metal supports, so the window has a strong enough structure to stay functional. 

Gables and soffits repair and decoration

We repair and restore other timber features such as Timber-framed conservatories, wooden garage doors, period gateways and façades such as timber claddings and Soffits.

Soffits and gables repair Putney

Our recent projects

Edwardian sash windows restoration
Edwardian sash windows restoration
Edwardian sash windows restoration

Photos from one of our Edwardian sash window restoration projects. Hundreds of other photos of damaged windows have been sitting on our hard drive, waiting for someone from admin to find the time to show them to the world.

The glazing configuration of Edwardian sash windows (1901-1910) is unique and easily recognizable.

Their aesthetic appeal comes from intricate details such as decorative horns, curved heads, and ornate mouldings.

It sucks to be a bottom sash

The sashes and window frames were in a terrible state, with lots of rot and falling apart parts.

Furthermore, if you read some other case studies, you will notice the recurring pattern that the lower sash is typically worth.

The bottom rail is the most vulnerable and damaged part of the windows we come across in all our sash window repair projects in Surrey and London.

The weather affects the lower sections of windows, including casement, sash, and wooden front doors, the most. This is the reason behind all the issues.

The photo shows how badly affected the bottom rail of the sash is.

The putty is gone, and the timber is severely penetrated and rotting.

This is also a good illustration that loose putty issues must be addressed promptly.

The results of the sash windows restoration

The results of the sash windows restoration project were nothing short of remarkable.

Moreover, the Surrey Sash team expertly restored and redecorated each window, bringing them back to their former glory.

The replacement of a couple of badly rotten window sills. Along with the servicing and lubrication of all sash cords and pulleys, ensured that the windows operated smoothly once again.

The project not only improved the overall aesthetic appeal of the building. It also increased its energy efficiency by eliminating drafts.

Thanks to the skilled workmanship of Surrey Sash, the restored sash windows will continue providing beauty, comfort, and functionality for years to come.

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Georgian Sash Windows Restoration
Georgian Sash Windows Restoration

Georgian Sash windows restoration

Those Georgian Sash windows are not original but still single-glazed; they have installed 20 years ago, and after 10 years, the maintenance with painters and decorators began.

The property owner had enough of needing to repaint those timber windows every 3 years and contacted us for proper restoration of timber frames, so they can last for at least 8-10 years without maintenance.

The window sill, bottom rail of the sliding sash and corners of the frame were in a bad state as, during past maintenance, some major issues were ignored and covered up with a layer of paint.

All timber windows are made of softwood which does not add to durability.

The problem with glazing putty

The putty on the lower parts of the glazing Georgian bars starts to crumble and fall out.

In our work, we do not use traditional putty because it is now durable; it lets the water in after only a couple of years and starts the rotting of the wooden frames.

We use a modern, resin-based putty that is much more durable and does not allow water in as it has better glass adhesive properties.

The French-style door was also in a bad condition.

Our team renovated the frame and replaced the door drip.

The Georgian Style casement window before restoration.

The window after restoration. The frame was renovated, and we also scraped off the old paint from the glass. If the same were done with the old paint from inside, the window would look like new.

Window renovation completed

After window timber frame renovation, our team re-painted the windows using a paint sprayer. The customer was amazed by the final result as the windows now look new. The whole house looks different!

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If you have similar timber frame windows similar to the worst issues, there is a good chance we can repair your sash windows.

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Traditional cottage windows renovating
Traditional cottage windows renovating

Traditional cottage windows renovating

There are many reasons why you might want to repair your traditional cottage wooden windows. Perhaps they are starting to show their age, or maybe you just want to refresh the look of your period property, but most likely the main reason is rot and facking paint, and this was a case with our recent restoration projects where some window parts decayed badly because of rot, weather, age and irregular maintenance.

Our recent cottage windows restoration project

Wooden windows before the restoration.

Original wooden cottage doors before renovation

The lower window joints are almost gone. All wooden window sills had some rotten wood as sills are most exposed to weather compared to other parts of the window.

Our team also took care of all front and garden wooden doors by removing all old paint and repairing wood. The pictures of the door before the restoration and after speak for themselves.

We started the works by removing all old loose paint and rotten wood. We then repaired all the windows by installing new wooden parts and joints where necessary. Our team also replaced all cracked window panes with new ones.

To repair wooden frames, we removed sashes. The casement sashes were also repaired on the ground and brought back to their places at the end of each day. The new putty was applied to all glazing bar surfaces. After that, all windows were primed and painted with two coats of paint.

The wooden front door after restoration and painting. The whole process took around 1 week to complete and the results are impressive.

The renovated cottage windows look like new now and will protect the property from the bad weather for many years to come.

It is important to do regular maintenance on your windows to prevent rot.

If you have similar cottage windows that you would like the Surrey Sash windows team to take a look at and repair, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to provide you with a free quote for window restoration and sash window double glazing service.

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