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Sash window repair in Hanwell

We offer specialist sash window repair in the Hanwell area.

Repairs vary from structural restoration work on rotten timbers and frames to replacing missing putty, and we’ll do whatever it takes to get your windows looking like new again.

We take great pride in our work and have years of experience with all types of sash windows, helping Hanwell maintain its stunning architectural legacy.

The area is known for maintaining much of the original facades of its buildings, and by restoring your sash windows, you can contribute to this.

We do everything we can to maintain as much of the original timber as we possibly can during restorations. 

Sash window repair in Hanwell

Our highly skilled staff are competent across various building types and will deliver a bespoke service tailored to your needs.

A handful of examples of our work include:

  1. Victorian office complexes
  2. Civic buildings 
  3. Grade II listed cottages 
  4. Georgian manor houses
  5. Schools, colleges & universities 

So whether it’s large-scale commercial work or restoring windows for your own home, we’ve got all your needs in the Hanwell area covered. There’s a two-year guarantee for your peace of mind, too, but your windows should last much longer than this. 

What can we Help With?

We have the specialisation to fix all sorts of problems with all sorts of methods. Some of our core services include: 



Why Choose Us?

We have countless years of experience restoring sash windows: if it can be restored, our specialists can do it. Across our team, we have experts in all methods of sash window restoration, qualified to work on many building types. We’re confident we can complete any restoration work needed in Hanwell. 

Moreover, replacing your sash window is far more expensive than restoring it most of the time. Whilst the average restoration of a full sash window is around £700, replacing the whole window starts at £1,700; you could save £1,000 per window you choose to restore. You might think that if your window is rotting, it will need to be replaced: but that’s not true.

Almost always, we can restore the original window with much of the original timber, saving you money and maintaining the property’s legacy. 

Live in Hanwell? Want to Save Money? Try Draught-Proofing  

As well as restoration work, we can expertly draught-proof in the Hanwell area. Whether you want this work as part of a repair or as a separate job, we can help. With energy costs at an all-time high, having draught-proofing put in will save you money for years to come: about £60 per year, to be precise. The average energy bill in Hanwell increased by 57% from 2021 to 2022, but you can start saving by contacting us today. 

Lower energy use also means your carbon footprint will be smaller. There are a few other benefits to draught-proofing you might not know:

Draught-proofing original sash windows is a much cheaper than replacing them with double-glazed windows and provides the same benefits. It’s more environmentally friendly, too, and the appearance won’t be changed. 

We usually do this as part of any restoration package, and separate draught-proofing cost starts at £320 per window. 

Our draught-proofing services include the following:


  • Terry

    We were lucky to have found the Surrey Sash Windows Specialists. The work they produce, and the way they conduct themselves every step of the way is phenomenal. We very highly recommend them.”

  • “The VERY Old Cottage”

    “We had some difficult restoration work at a recently acquired property: The Surrey Sash Window Specialists made it look easy. They worked tirelessly, with enthusiasm, absolute expertise and professionalism. A very pleasant bunch who devised an ingenious plan to undertake a project which other companies were unwilling to even quote for.”

  • Susie

    “Thank you, Surrey Sash Window Specialists! Our home and all the windows look amazing!

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