Sash windows repair and painting in Egham

Surrey Sash was contracted to repair and repaint the sash windows on a residential property in Egham, Surrey. The Georgian-era home featured over 30 sash, casement and French windows that had fallen into disrepair over the years.

The wood was cracked and warped in places. Additionally, the old paint was peeling and flaking.

Our team began by sanding down the frames, replacing any damaged sections of wood with new timber, and strengthening joints with adhesive and dowels.

Repairing Wooden Windows with Flexible Epoxy Resin

When it came to minor areas of rot, our team turned to the trusted Repair Care range of products. Known for their high-quality restoration solutions, these products proved ideal for efficiently addressing smaller patches of decay.

This allowed us to ensure that every part of the window, regardless of the degree of damage, was restored to its original condition.

DryFlex resin repairs

DryFlex, a durable and flexible epoxy resin, played a pivotal role in this process. After the initial repair of damaged wood and sills, Surrey Sash’s craftsmen used DryFlex to fill gaps and restore the window’s original contours. This modern material not only blends seamlessly with the existing wood but also offers excellent resistance to weather and decay, ensuring the windows’ long-term durability.

Wooden frames painting

Once the structural repairs were complete, Surrey Sash turned to the aesthetic aspect of the project. The windows were painted in a colour chosen to complement the property’s exterior, employing a meticulous process that guarantees a smooth, even finish.

High-quality paints were used to ensure resistance to the elements and prevent fading, further extending the life of the windows.

Project completed

The changes made to the sash windows were visibly impressive. The renewed windows added a pleasing touch to the property and are expected to last for many more years. This project showcased Surrey Sash’s dedication to maintaining the unique architectural heritage of Surrey’s buildings.

By blending modern materials with traditional designs, they successfully revitalized the old windows. This case study highlights the importance of specialized knowledge and quality materials in restoring sash windows.

Given the complexities of such work, Surrey Sash continues to deliver reliable sash window repair and painting services in Surrey and the surrounding areas.