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Edwardian sash windows restoration

Photos from one of our Edwardian sash window restoration projects. Hundreds of other photos of damaged windows have been sitting on our hard drive, waiting for someone from admin to find the time to show them to the world.

The glazing configuration of Edwardian sash windows (1901-1910) is unique and easily recognizable.

Their aesthetic appeal comes from intricate details such as decorative horns, curved heads, and ornate mouldings.

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It sucks to be a bottom sash

The sashes and window frames were in a terrible state, with lots of rot and falling apart parts.

Furthermore, if you read some other case studies, you will notice the recurring pattern that the lower sash is typically worth.

The bottom rail is the most vulnerable and damaged part of the windows we come across in all our sash window repair projects in Surrey and London.

The weather affects the lower sections of windows, including casement, sash, and wooden front doors, the most. This is the reason behind all the issues.

The photo shows how badly affected the bottom rail of the sash is.

The putty is gone, and the timber is severely penetrated and rotting.

This is also a good illustration that loose putty issues must be addressed promptly.

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Edwardian sash windows repair London
Edwardian windows restored

The results of the sash windows restoration

The results of the sash windows restoration project were nothing short of remarkable.

Moreover, the Surrey Sash team expertly restored and redecorated each window, bringing them back to their former glory.

The replacement of a couple of badly rotten window sills. Along with the servicing and lubrication of all sash cords and pulleys, ensured that the windows operated smoothly once again.

The project not only improved the overall aesthetic appeal of the building. It also increased its energy efficiency by eliminating drafts.

Thanks to the skilled workmanship of Surrey Sash, the restored sash windows will continue providing beauty, comfort, and functionality for years to come.

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