Georgian casement windows restoration

Our team have recently renovated wooden window frames in a lovely country house with a Georgian casement and half Georgian style casement windows.

The original window frame had gone through many repairs over the last 30 years and now required a longer-lasting restoration.

The window restoration work included:

  1. Removing the old paint from windows and doors. Removing cracked or loose glazing putty.
  2. Repairing rotten parts of the windows. Typically lower parts of the window are more exposed to damage.
  3. Re-sealing gaps around the renovated window frames.
  4. Apply new putty to glazing bars.
  5. Painting the window frames

Old paint was stripped off of the wooden window frames, opening hidden issues. Our team then performed repairs to damaged or rotten areas of the windows.

Some of the sashes were removed from the frame and were repaired in our mobile, on-site workshop.

casement bay window restoration
repair casement windows
casement window restoration
casement window repair

Finally, we painted the renovated window frames to give them a fresh and attractive appearance. Overall, the work was completed on time and within budget. The client was very happy with the results.

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