Sash Window Spring Balance Repairs: Restoring Functionality

Many homeowners often ask us if we can repair sash windows that use a spring balance instead of the traditional lead weights, and the answer is an absolute yes!

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Here are the most common issues with spring balances in sash windows:

  1. Stuck or Jammed Spring Balance: The spring balance mechanism can become stuck or jammed over time, preventing the window from opening or closing smoothly.
  2. Weakened or Broken Springs: The springs in the balance system may weaken or break due to age, wear and tear, or excessive weight on the window. This can cause the window to become difficult to operate or remain in an open or closed position.
  3. Imbalanced Window: If one spring balance functions properly while the other is damaged or malfunctioning, the window may become imbalanced. This can result in uneven opening, closing, or difficulty in keeping the window in a desired position.
  4. Noisy Operation: Sash windows with faulty spring balances may produce excessive noise during operation, such as creaking or squeaking sounds. This can be caused by worn-out components or inadequate lubrication.
  5. Insufficient Tension: Spring balances that have lost their tension or are not properly adjusted may fail to provide adequate support for the window sashes. This can lead to difficulty in keeping the window open or closed, or even cause the window to slam shut unexpectedly.
  6. Detached or Loose Springs: The springs within the balance system can become detached or loose, resulting in ineffective operation and potential safety hazards.
  7. Corrosion and Rust: Over time, the spring balances and associated hardware can be affected by corrosion and rust, leading to reduced functionality and potential damage to the window frame.
  8. Damaged or Worn Pulleys: The pulleys involved in the spring balance mechanism can suffer from damage or wear, impacting the smooth operation of the sash windows.
  9. Inadequate Counterbalancing: If the spring balances are not properly calibrated or matched to the weight of the sash window, the counterbalancing effect may be insufficient. This can result in difficulties in opening, closing, or keeping the window in position.
  10. General Wear and Tear: As with any mechanical component, spring balances in sash windows can experience general wear and tear over time, leading to decreased performance and the need for repairs or replacement.